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Name:Merlin: The Six Word Stories
Website:The LJ Version
Posting Access:All Members
Community description:A role playing community specifically for the Merlin fandom.
Merlin: The Six Word Stories

Hello, Merlin Fans!

And welcome! To Merlin Six Word Stories! A domain similar to that of [community profile] sixwordstories but for the Merlin fandom. Why? Why not?

Here, you can let your Merlin muse run free to find cast mates, serious plots, or even play out a cracktastic idea that has floated about in your mind. Each post can have up to six words. Any less is fine, any more and Morgause will see it in her crystsal and send the Knights of Medhir after you. And we wouldn't want that, now would we?

Any and all muses (multiples, AUs, genderbent, OCs, etc) are welcomed as long as they relate to Merlin. Characters from other fandoms (like say...Giles) are welcome as long as it relates to Merlin somehow. Like a role that one of the actors/actresses have played (like say...Giles).
The Rules

1. Respect the other players. Especially OOCly. If you don't like a particular mun's style of playing, don't play with that mun. There's plenty of wank comms out there for you to wank other people over.

2. While we're at it, no godmoding.

3. English. It's your friend. Use it correctly.

4. NC-17 posts are allowed. However, please tag it with the NC-17 tag.

5. If you'd like to denote a verse/specific player, please do so in "music:" when you post. Otherwise, everyone and anyone will attack said post. Please refrain from using the subject line as a means to add more words. It should only be used when announcing that you are doing an event.

If you have any questions/problems/bones to pick with, send a PM to [personal profile] mswsmod or leave a comment here (comments are screened for privacy).

Interested in becoming an affiliate? Send a PM to [personal profile] mswsmod or leave a comment here.
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